Demonstrative optimism at the eu summit

The Euro locomotive on its way to catching Europe: There is still disagreement about the goal, and many roads have not yet been traveled

It is the privilege of politicians to spread optimism even and especially when circumstances offer little or no reason to do so. Thus the representatives of the EU summit in Thessaloniki radiated the best hope that the draft treaty presented by Giscard d’Estaing could shape the European Union into a politically stronger Europe.

In the official conclusion, that is: "The European Council has decided that the text of the draft treaty on interception is a good starting point for the beginning of the Intergovernmental Conference."

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Jail for private copying of cds and dvds?

From 1. October all those who have a program for cracking copy protection are potentially threatened with jail in Spain

. The reform of the penal code removes the right to make a private copy of CDs or DVDs, criticize the associations of netizens.

Governments change, but the laws remain, even if they were once opposed. The new socialist Spanish government has overturned some of the controversial laws passed by the conservative government, such as the law on the monstrous national water plan, and is in the process of improving the protection of women against macho violence (Amnesty points to increasing violence against women). But restrictive laws in the area of the Internet or software have so far remained untouched.

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“We are electrosmog producers!”

trouble with religious broadcasts of the Vatican

No sooner is a German pope than there is trouble in Rome: Radio Vatican is said to have done demonstrable damage with its broadcasts. No, it is not about the contents of the broadcasts, rather about the radio waves used for the broadcasting.

In the Cesano region to the north of Rome, lamps in houses sometimes emit religious chants and prayers. An apparition of the Virgin Mary? A miracle? No, too strong radio emissions: Just as in Holzkirchen the Voice of America once made pots on the stove make music, and in Hamburg allotment gardens in the 1950s near the NDR transmitter the lights were already burning even without a power connection, if only the connecting plugs were stretched high enough, the vicinity of the Radio Vatican transmitter suffers from hauntings that can be explained purely by radio waves.

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Middelhoff’s napster coup

Lack of clarity about the business model, uncertainty among users

The news hit like a bomb: Yesterday, Bertelsmann announced that it would enter into a strategic alliance with Napster. Even on the day after, there is hardly any other topic in the Netaudio community. Many questions still remain unanswered, but with Bertelsmann the winner of the coup has already been determined.

So Thomas Middelhoff has done it. He has long talked about wanting to become the world market leader in music before his departure as Bertelsmann CEO. But then Universal merged with Vivendi and AOL with Time Warner. By a hair’s breadth, they had even acquired EMI. Bertelsmann’s cooperation with AOL was reduced piece by piece, and Middelhoff suddenly found himself in the third row. The only chance to keep up with the others seemed to be a spectacular acquisition.

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