Drugs as instruments – for anpang?

Drugs as instruments - for anpang?

Image: Pixabay.com

Critical remarks on the proposal to use drugs to achieve objectives

It was a summery April day in 2018, as people hunted through downtown Erlangen, looking for the next ice cream parlor or a cool spot in the shade. We inside were at the conference "Altered States" which accompanied the exhibition of the same name at the Kunstpalais.

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Human dna in transgenic sheep

Dolly producers are criticized for allegedly inserting a woman’s DNA sample into sheep without her knowledge

The British organization GeneWatch criticizes Scottish biotech company PPL Therapeutics, linked to the Roslin Institute where Dolly was cloned, for inserting a woman’s DNA into more than 2,500 sheep in New Zealand created from transgenic semen without her knowledge.

As reported by The New Zealand Herald and BBC News today, the incident arose in New Zealand following rumors that DNA from a Maori had been inserted into the sheep. PPL Therapeutics was therefore forced to disclose the origin of the DNA. It is believed to have come from a Danish woman who donated it in the 1980s to help science develop a treatment for connective tie inflammation. The company hopes to obtain a protein for treatment from the milk of transgenic sheep.

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Noise in space

The loudness on the International Space Station could be harmful to the health of astronauts

It may be absolutely silent in space, but visitors to the International Space Station will be subjected to a loud background noise, reports New Scientist. The noise caused by fans, air filters, dust collectors and pumps is so loud that astronauts will have trouble talking to each other and working and sleeping undisturbed. Possibly even the hearing could suffer.

In the Russian space module Zarya, there is sometimes a permanent loudness of 72 decibels. Even in the quietest places it is louder than the intended 50-55 decibels. As early as 1997, Russian scientists had warned that dab the noise "could probably lead to a deterioration of health and to the inability to communicate in speech." A team of Russian scientists suggested that astronauts should spend only four hours in Zarya and only two hours a day in the noisiest areas, wearing earplugs. Under normal circumstances, the expected noise level is not harmful to hearing, but there are indications that astronauts who were exposed to a constant background noise on the Mir, which was built similarly to Zarya, could hear worse in the long run. However, some of the crew’s ability to obey improved again on Earth.

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Finland: the end of right-wing populists

Finland: end of the right-wing populists

Timo Soini. Image: CTBT/CC BY-SA-2.0

Timo Soini’s departure – recipe for dealing with populism?

"Thanks for these years" with these words the Finnish minister Timo Soini announced his departure from national politics on his blog last Tuesday. The 56-year-old politician, often dubbed a right-wing populist, will not run in the April 14 parliamentary elections. April in the parliamentary elections. On Friday, the government under Juha Sipila resigned because it could not get its social and healthcare package through parliament.

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Patent thwarted

Drug research suffers from global patent protection

For more than 25 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) and numerous nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have been working to give Third World countries access to cheap medicines. The AIDS epidemic has given an unexpected boost to these efforts: for the first time, there are millions of patients who can only be treated with expensive patented drugs. But price cuts alone will not help where patent rights impede the supply of medicines.

"No medicines for the poor?" asks development sociologist and health scientist Jorg Schaaber in his book of the same name. He shows why vital medicines are not accessible everywhere and what role the international pharmaceutical multinationals play in this.

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On hold for the “homeland security”

In the waiting loop to'heimatschutz'

Straben scene with "Homeland Security"-Advertising poster. Photo: bomaja

Thanks to advertising and a lack of apprenticeships, it seems that far more young people are interested in the Bundeswehr’s new voluntary service than it can accommodate for the time being

Even in Berlin-Neukolln, where the unemployment rate is almost 16 percent, coarse posters for the "Homeland Security" the German armed forces have been recruited. The gross income from the first day of training is there with 1.500 euros a month – at least well above the Hartz IV level – sounds tempting for young people over the age of 17 who, in times of crisis, have not been able to start a career after completing compulsory education. Around 9.000 interested people from all over Germany are said to have signed up, according to the German Ministry of Defense.

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Costs of a war against iraq

With a report on the number of estimated victims due to different scenarios, the physicians of IPPNW want to create a mood against war

As an objection to a war with Iraq, the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and in Social Responsibility (IPPNW) published a report that attempts to estimate the number of people who could be killed in the process. There could be, so the courage, up to half a million deaths, as long as no nuclear weapons are used, above all, as in any modern war, civilians were allowed to be involved.

The report Collateral Damage: The Health and Environmental Costs of War on Iraq, commissioned by IPPNW, honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985, and written by the British organization Medact, was made public yesterday in 14 countries simultaneously – and also worldwide on the Internet. After the U.S. government has pushed through a strong resolution in the Security Council and has always made it unmistakably clear that it is prepared to go to war at the slightest provocation, with or without the backing of the UN, the decision will be a close-run thing after the Iraqi parliament has unanimously rejected the resolution. It is to be expected, of course, that Hussein will finally accept it in order to brand the USA as an aggressor for the world public.

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Covid-19: have incidence values become obsolete as a decision criterion??

Covid-19: have incidence values become obsolete as a decision-making criterion?

Hospitals need to provide more accurate data on Covid-19 patients to better assess vaccine-altered situation

In light of rising vaccination rates against Covid-19, government circles are preparing to move away from incidence rates as a decision-making criterion in the Corona crisis. "Since at-risk groups are vaccinated, high incidence does not automatically mean equally high burden in ICU beds", tweeted German Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) this weekend. "The incidence is increasingly losing its significance, we now need even more detailed information about the situation in the clinics."

Kunftig had to report all Covid 19 patients treated in the hospital, as well as their age, the type of treatment and their vaccination status, Spahn announced. So dear "promptly estimate how high the burden on the health care system will be and how well the vaccinations will work". The so-called seven-day incidence, i.e., the number of registered new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within one week was most recently at 6.2 nationwide, a slight increase. A week earlier, the figure had been 5.0.

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Lockdown with cutbacks until 28. March planned

Lockdown planned until March 28 with some cutbacks

A step-by-step plan provides, among other things, that more retail stores will open again. Symbolic image: Telepolis / claw

Draft resolution on Corona takedowns leaked: Some of the planned opening steps have long been implemented in individual federal states

While different Corona rules in the federal states are attracting shopping tourists from Baden-Wurttemberg to the Bavarian DIY stores that have been open since Monday, for example, key points of the draft resolution for tomorrow’s round of consultations between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers are already known.

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