The strange case of nicholas berg

Because there are many uncertainties about the execution of the young American in Iraq, which was made public on a video, and the US authorities are stonewalling, conspiracy theories and speculations are once again flourishing

Occasionally, things seem to be timed so well that mistrust thrives when, moreover, reliable information is lacking. Since the 11.9. the uncertainty has become gross and the trust in governments and media has become low, strengthened naturally by the many lists, swindles, spin stagings and sneakings, by which above all the US government has distinguished itself (turmoil around conspiracy theories). The skepticism is meanwhile gross.

For example, conspiracy theories have been rife in connection with the capture of Hussein (US government again in propaganda war)?). And now, when the video showing the murder of the young American as revenge for the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners appeared just at the time when the U.S. government was in a serious crisis because of the mistreatment, it is no different. In fact, the filmed execution seems to have turned the mood around in the U.S. and elsewhere. If the photos of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners were practically propaganda for the resistance and al-Qaeda, now the al-Qaeda video serves propaganda purposes for the U.S. government, which was quick to exploit it. In the Arab world, the execution was mostly condemned, commentators also express disagreement because it helps the Americans.

In fact, there is something strange about this bloody spectacle of an execution for the world public, and the suspicions can also flourish because the US military and FBI have not (yet) cleared up the ambiguities and ensured transparency, as the New York Times also complains in an editorial. But this seems to be almost a characteristic of the current US administration.

In the case of the video of the beheading it is already uncertain whether the murderer is really al-Sarkawi. The Jordanian-born al-Qaida leader has reportedly been dead for a long time – since April 2003. Nothing could be seen, because the perpetrators had covered their faces. A CIA official has stated that the speaker and murderer with "High probability" be al-Sarkawi.

Nicholas Berg, who has been dead for 10 years, is also puzzled. April had disappeared and whose body had been found allegedly last Saturday. Berg had already been to Iraq in December and January, ostensibly to help with reconstruction efforts. There is still no information on how long he had been dead. His father makes serious accusations against the U.S. government. On 24.3. Berg was arrested by Iraqi police after entering Iraq via Israel and Jordan and was visited in prison by FBI agents. Because of his arrest, he was unable to find a witness for the 30-year-old. 3. to be able to take the booked flight to the USA. It was only after an investigation by his father on 5. May, Berg was released the following day.

Nothing is officially known about the reason for his arrest. According to the FBI, Berg had not been accused of anything and had been advised to leave Iraq immediately, which he did not want to do. His intention was apparently to travel overland to Kuwait – or to Turkey, as is reported elsewhere.

It is also reported that the FBI was asked by the American civil administration to check what Berg was doing in Iraq and why he was going around in dangerous areas. Berg, on the other hand, told acquaintances that he had probably been arrested during a cab check because his ID showed that he was from Israel. Iraqi police thought he was a spy. His mother, however, did not know anything about it. Allegedly, no stamps are made in the ID card either.

Military spokesman Dan Senor had denied reports that the Americans had arrested Berg, but said the FBI had visited him three times. The police in Mosul again declared that they had not arrested Berg at all. His father says his son spoke of American military policemen in prison. This is also admitted by a US officer, but the military policemen were only for the protection and had nothing to do with the police tasks. This is what motivates Berg’s father:

The Iraqi police is mentioned frequently, which is, of course, absurd, because there is no Iraqi government right now. And if you think about it, to be detained by the Iraqi police without the U.S. government’s knowing would be tantamount to kidnapping.

In addition, there seem to be documents from an American embassy employee in Iraq confirming that Nicholas was in American hands. Berg was Jewish, so others ame that this was one reason why he was killed. A U.S. officer, on the other hand, said that Berg had carried anti-Semitic writings with him. He himself is said to have written to his parents that the FBI had asked him if he had ever built a bomb or been to Iran. According to other reports, the FBI had investigated a possible connection between Berg and Zacarias Moussaoui, who was involved in planning the 11/11 attacks.9. and was arrested a month earlier. Berg’s password was found on Moussaoui. When Berg was studying at the University of Oklahoma, Moussaoui had been living in the vicinity. Berg himself brought this to the FBI’s attention, which is why they followed up on the lead and kept him in custody. However, it had turned out that the connection was only coincidental.

The Washington Post reports that no one from the police or FBI has inquired about Berg’s disappearance from the hotel. It is strange that Michael S. Berg with his son’s company, Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc., on an enemy list of the right-wing "Here you are, FReepers. Here is the enemy. Working in conjunction with A.N.S.W.E.R., they have given us their names." The father may have been against the war, but the son was allegedly behind Bush’s Iraq policy. Possibly, it is suggested on one website, the name also reached the FBI or FReepers in the military, which might then have mistakenly led to Nicholas’ arrest. Possibly, it is amed not only here because of the long disappearance of Nicholas, the CIA or whoever had a hand in the timely execution.

Speculation is rife as to whether the video is Nicholas Berg at all, or whether he was already dead when he was beheaded because he was so motionless. In addition, other voices could be heard, possibly from other prisoners, who alleged that Nicholas’ sounds of pain had come from a woman. An al-Jazeera article also expresses doubt that the video actually originated from the website, which was believed to be an organ of al-Qaeda, was hosted in Malaysia, but has since been taken offline by the provider – among other reasons, because so many hits were likely from curious people looking for the video on the site. Al-Jazeera claims to have searched the site 90 minutes after learning where the video was posted and not to have found the video.

Some also suspect that Nicholas was also inspecting radio towers near the Abu Ghraib prison. Others think about the cuts in the video, recognizable by the recording time, or want to hear that the hooded terrorists also speak Russian. The less one knows and the more contradictory information circulates, the stronger speculation becomes.

It is possible that the US authorities in Iraq are in a state of confusing chaos and that there is arbitrariness, so that clarification is not possible and everyone says something different. Perhaps the aim is to cover up mistakes and to preserve the positive media effect for the Bush administration by clarifying the situation more precisely. However, so far the Berg case is a typical example of how distrust – in this case, once again – of the U.S. government is reinforced in the U.S. and around the world and wild speculation is called for. The Internet makes it possible for people scattered around the world to dissect the unresolved ies together, to become strong in skepticism, and to air thoughts ranging from reasonable and rational doubt to the wildest paranoid speculation. One cannot shake off the suspicion that the Bush administration, with its spin experts, is using this "Fog" for their politics needs and appreciates.

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