The real third world war

Franz Alt thinks the IS is only a "Symptom"

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Pope said: "The third world war has begun." There are a lot of people talking about war now: France’s president Hollande, his prime minister Valls, the German president and almost all the media.

This is exactly how George W. Bush after 11. September 2001 and acted accordingly. What is the consequence of this? "War on terror"? Still more terror and the "Islamic State" with its super terror.

What about peace?

Those who lived through World War II know that we are not at war now. It’s not a war – it was a terrorist attack. For a gang of murderers there are police, courts, secret services and prisons in the constitutional state. We should not do the terrorists a favor and elevate them to the status of a warring party. It is more likely that the terrorists wanted to distract from their current weakness in Iraq and Syria with the attacks in Paris. The small steps of the international community towards a solution in Syria make the IS nervous and put it blob. Talking about war now only enhances the IS.

The real third world war was fought on a completely different front – that is climate change

The German chancellor and the UN secretary-general call the climate and energy crises "the question of mankind’s survival." This is about the basis of all our lives – about spreading deserts, the rise of the sea level, about climate refugees and starvation.

Two days after the attacks in Paris, the UN announced that in November and December 2015 alone, 700 people died in the Sahel.000 children will starve to death. Unbelievable.

  • But where are the headlines?
  • Where are the special conferences?
  • Where is the war against starvation?
  • And to save the children in Africa?

The IS is only a symptom. The root causes of terrorism are deeper – just like the causes of the refugee crisis. And these causes are interrelated: Poverty, state failure, climate change, and climate refugees. The West is also partly to blame for the chaos in the Middle East.

But because the economy of public attention is only ever enough for one war, many are now talking about the other "War on terror" and forget the war we made against nature and therefore against ourselves, because we are a part of nature.

But there is a deep connection between the current crises. The Paris climate summit in 14 days will show whether we have understood the root causes of the current crises and their links to each other. We should not confuse or displace long causes and effects. Otherwise we will never find a solution.

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