“We are electrosmog producers!”

trouble with religious broadcasts of the Vatican

No sooner is a German pope than there is trouble in Rome: Radio Vatican is said to have done demonstrable damage with its broadcasts. No, it is not about the contents of the broadcasts, rather about the radio waves used for the broadcasting.

In the Cesano region to the north of Rome, lamps in houses sometimes emit religious chants and prayers. An apparition of the Virgin Mary? A miracle? No, too strong radio emissions: Just as in Holzkirchen the Voice of America once made pots on the stove make music, and in Hamburg allotment gardens in the 1950s near the NDR transmitter the lights were already burning even without a power connection, if only the connecting plugs were stretched high enough, the vicinity of the Radio Vatican transmitter suffers from hauntings that can be explained purely by radio waves.

But while the Schrebergartners were still happy about the low electricity bill, the clatter of pots in Holzkirchen caused sleepless nights. No, not because they feared a visit from the GEZ ("Did you register this pot too?")? First declare, then cook!"), but simply because the noise can’t be turned off even at night – and radio waves aren’t supposed to be really healthy either, although you can get them from your ear, nose and throat specialist if you have an inflammation of the ears or forehead. On the other hand also electric depilatory send into their tweezers on 27 MHz in the CB radio range. However, radio operators do not have bald heads more often than other men.

With pope and other Vatican inhabitants bald heads are to be seen however quite oftters. However, this is rather due to the age. Although the inhabitants of the Cesano region might have had other theories about this. They were fed up with the religious forced radiation and went to court against Radio Vatican, which had set up its transmitters in 40 languages all over the world.

A first investigation in 2001 showed that the field strength around the transmitter was clearly above the permissible limits. A spate of cancers in the region has been attributed to spiritual irradiation. But a first trial in 2002 was stopped when a judge ruled that the Italian state could not decide about Radio Vatican as a station of the independent Vatican state.

This decision, however, was not permanent and the trial was resumed. And now Cardinal Roberto Tucci and priest Pasquale Borgomeo of Radio Vatican have been sentenced to 10 days in jail each – on probation. In addition, they are to pay the damages caused – according to the judge several million euros – and the court costs.

Radio Vatican program director Reverend Federico Lombardi was dumbfounded: "The broadcasts are within international norms and within agreements between Italy and the Vatican". Raffaele Capone, head of a residents’ association in the Cesano region, on the other hand, hopes "that the transmitter will disappear from our area and we can live in peace". Roberto Della Seta, president of the environmental group "Legambiente", points out that they had achieved an important success in protecting the residents from electrosmog.

Electrosmog? Against this, one puts electrosmog filters in the gas mask, or? However, the verdict against Radio Vatican may not be so inconvenient for our new pope: If Radio Vatican has to reduce its broadcasting power and can no longer be heard around the world, the Bavarian Radio Horeb will achieve higher honors – on FM in Munich, digitally on cable and via Astra satellite throughout Europe. And so also in the Vatican. Host mi?

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