The weibe poison

The woman poison

Housing silo in Miramar, not nice at all. Photo: Tom Appleton

A short history of milk

Actually, for the title I was looking for a classic quote like "the milk of the pious way of thinking" (Schiller) or "the milk of human kindness" (Shakespeare) – but that is not what I am concerned with today. It is about the white poison, which we today call "milk" as milk.

Perhaps I may start with my domestic situation, because here in New Zealand, where I live, milk is considered to be "healthy" and as a "basic food. In every supermarket, the section for milk and dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, and so on, is one of the largest. I live in the capital, Wellington, and there specifically in the Miramar district. "Miramar" in Italian or Spanish means something like "Look, the sea." From where I live, you can’t actually see the sea. But you can see where I am if you enter these Google data.

This scenery is a bit old, here is a newer photo from my camera, taken on the spot. A friend of mine in Germany, to whom I sent the photo, said that the area was "not nice at all". What can you want. Anyway it is authentic.

To the left of my living silo in gray and yellow is the Roxy, a movie theater that, without having to mention all the legal intricacies, was designed by Peter Jackson the most famous New Zealand filmmaker at the moment, the man who made the Lord of the "Lord of the Rings" the Lord of the Rings. If you then continue along Park Road "drive", you will also pass some more Peter Jackson stations. What you don’t see here is the "New World" Supermarket – around the corner from Roxy, on which I depend for many of my purchases.

Shopping in the supermarket

The other day I was there again and bought, for good luck, this and that. Most people go to the supermarket with a shopping list, but then they buy something else, or what they wanted to buy is not available, and so on. The always unspeakable music also additionally scatters her thoughts.

My daughter knows her shopping plan by heart, she has a husband, four sons and a huge hangover. She knows how heavy the cart is when she’s bought $350 worth of stuff – and even though she’s "consciously" and "critically" her options are often limited. She can only buy so much, put so much in the car, and be on the road only so long before she has to pick up her six-year-old from school.

I have been dependent on the supermarket near me since I could no longer get my 24-year-old car – in German: meine Rostlaube – through the TuV.

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