The heinrich-himmler-reserve and germany’s most beautiful youtubers

The heinrich-himmler-reserve and germany's hubscheste youtuberinnen

Beauty, comedy and lifestyle YouTuber Shirin David

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video show

With the "Diarrhea Dance" we start today atmospheric into the weekend. Or to put it another way: "I have a bad case of diarrhea."

And this contribution from our popular section "Mysterious Asia" takes us directly to North Korea and to a video that I unfortunately only now discovered. It shows the official proclamation of the death of Kim Jong Il by North Korean television.

Probably now in view of these sad pictures and the consecration-full tendency also many of our readers the Tranen come. This is what we had hoped for when Helmut Kohl died on our wicked GEZ television. Well, maybe next time.

The heinrich-himmler-reserve and germany's hottest youtubers

Instead, we’re here with the audience rating for our little column. But the problem can actually be solved quite easily. So you simply start a poll, in which, by the way, hardly anyone participates, but you don’t care about that. And then publishes a list with film clips of the 10 most beautiful YouTubers in Germany.

And despite the rather stupid grammar mistake, more than 600 people click in a very short time.000 people on this even sillier video clip. Now we are waiting expectantly for the next list with the ten most stupid YouTubers in Germany. Or is it congruent with our example?

The heinrich-himmler-reserve and germany's smartest female youtubers

The new videos of Remi Gaillard and Ruthe are much more, which is a "Conspiracy practitioner" presents. We have been waiting for this for a long time – or?

Also from Martin Sonneborn there is something new in the net: his lecture on the TINCON in Berlin. And where the coarse PARTEI leader appears, there is also Mark Benecke not far away.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert’s show has had a Russia Week for the current occasion – here are two examples: No. 1 and no. 2. And for good measure: Trump or Shakespeare?

Now let’s quickly visit the Heinrich Himmler reservation and check our mailbox afterwards. Recommended: Fireworks, great vending machine, firefighters, ambulance professionals and Hubble The Final Frontier.

The heinrich himmler reserve and germany's hottest female youtubers

Bohemian Browser Ballet

Finally, a quick run-through: Package Delivery 1 and 2, Astro TV, Friendly Customer, Recording a Spotify AD, Conan’s Wonder Woman, Cat Dialogues, Snorer , Hunter S. Thompson’s drug roadmap, the Bathroom Paradox, smart cats, gum deposits, saving lives. And the final point is set by a very, very sad dog.

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