Lockdown with cutbacks until 28. March planned

Lockdown planned until March 28 with some cutbacks

A step-by-step plan provides, among other things, that more retail stores will open again. Symbolic image: Telepolis / claw

Draft resolution on Corona takedowns leaked: Some of the planned opening steps have long been implemented in individual federal states

While different Corona rules in the federal states are attracting shopping tourists from Baden-Wurttemberg to the Bavarian DIY stores that have been open since Monday, for example, key points of the draft resolution for tomorrow’s round of consultations between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers are already known.

opening steps also for incidence values above 35

Accordingly, for the time being until 28. Lockdown measures will continue to apply until March 8, but with relaxations as early as Monday, March 8. March. The federal and state governments wanted "now test", as reported by "the significant expansion of tests" and a better contact tracing "The new measures will also be implemented in the event of higher seven-day incidences of over 35 new infections per 100 inhabitants.000 inhabitants become possible", heibt es nach Medienberichten in der Beschlussvorlage, die unter anderem dem Tagesspiegel and the news agency AFP is available.

In the meantime, the pandemic is being influenced by two factors "clearly" changed: "The increasing quantity of vaccine and the availability of rapid and self-testing in very coarse quantities." In view of these developments, there is "justified hope for an increasingly easy containment of case numbers in the summer and a return to normalcy."

There is also talk of a four-stage plan for this return: After the first stage, which has already been implemented – the opening of hairdressing salons – bookstores, flower shops and garden markets are to be allowed to open nationwide. Even body-related services without medical necessity – such as in nail salons – may then be offered again nationwide, whereby customers must present a negative rapid test.

The third step is to take effect when the incidence value falls stably below 35. Retail trade, cultural institutions such as museums and galleries, zoos and indoor sports facilities will then be allowed to reopen under certain conditions, either nationwide or limited to specific regions.

If the incidence does not worsen over a period of 14 days after the third step, the fourth step will take effect – the opening of indoor restaurants, theaters, concert halls and cinemas, as well as the permission for non-contact sports, even indoors.

Purposeful optimism at the SPD

In recent days, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has probably also been spreading optimism in his role as the SPD’s candidate for chancellor: "We will certainly be sitting in beer gardens in the summer and the next football season will also be quite normal", he told Bild. He insisted that a concrete perspective for the opening be formulated on Wednesday.

SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach, who has long been considered a hardliner on the ie of corona collection tests, has also recently advocated an end to the current lockdown, which has been in place anyway, he "much too weak" be to "Stopping the third wave". Instead, Lauterbach suggested regular tests, especially in schools and businesses, which could then also be used as a "admission ticket" to shops or restaurants in the event of a negative test result.

Physicist and aerosol expert Gerhard Scheuch believes that the risk of outdoor contagion is so low that a distinction had to be made between indoor and outdoor catering during the opening steps. "In the eaves area, it is almost impossible to catch the disease", he told the ZDF-Morgenmagazin on Friday. The risk of infection is primarily an indoor problem, he said.

The current Berlin rule for spending time outdoors -"No lingering on meadows and squares" – is therefore hardly factually justifiable. Berlin bookstores were therefore not affected by the current lockdown from the outset.

Meanwhile, the education ministers of the states have announced further school openings, although as before, there may be a regional "different regulations" be met. The alternating or preschool instruction started at elementary schools should be extended to other grades and intensified, "as long as the infection situation continues to allow it", decided the of the conference of education ministers (KMK) on Monday evening. Concrete numbers and dates were not mentioned in the resolution published on Tuesday.

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