The real third world war

Franz Alt thinks the IS is only a "Symptom"

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Pope said: "The third world war has begun." There are a lot of people talking about war now: France’s president Hollande, his prime minister Valls, the German president and almost all the media.

This is exactly how George W. Bush after 11. September 2001 and acted accordingly. What is the consequence of this? "War on terror"? Still more terror and the "Islamic State" with its super terror.

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Exolunar chaos at the edge of the solar system

Exolunar chaos at the edge of the solar system

Image: NASA / Southwest Research Institute / Alex Parker / Friday

Hubble telescope set its sights on Pluto’s four small moons, which turn out to be eccentrics. Exciting tasks await NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which will reach the Pluto-Charon system in July

Astronomers see in Pluto and Charon a kind of planetary system en miniature, because both heavenly bodies revolve around a common gravitational center. The four remaining moons are not unaffected by this close relationship, as two scientists report in Nature. They not only observed the chaotic dance of two moons around Pluto, but were surprised by the characteristics of the quartet of small moons. Hopes are now pinned on NASA’s New Horizons robot, which will soon reach its destination after 9.5 years of flight and study the Pluto-Charon system up close. He was able to confirm the current observations and reveal even more surprising things.

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The strange case of nicholas berg

Because there are many uncertainties about the execution of the young American in Iraq, which was made public on a video, and the US authorities are stonewalling, conspiracy theories and speculations are once again flourishing

Occasionally, things seem to be timed so well that mistrust thrives when, moreover, reliable information is lacking. Since the 11.9. the uncertainty has become gross and the trust in governments and media has become low, strengthened naturally by the many lists, swindles, spin stagings and sneakings, by which above all the US government has distinguished itself (turmoil around conspiracy theories). The skepticism is meanwhile gross.

For example, conspiracy theories have been rife in connection with the capture of Hussein (US government again in propaganda war)?). And now, when the video showing the murder of the young American as revenge for the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners appeared just at the time when the U.S. government was in a serious crisis because of the mistreatment, it is no different. In fact, the filmed execution seems to have turned the mood around in the U.S. and elsewhere. If the photos of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners were practically propaganda for the resistance and al-Qaeda, now the al-Qaeda video serves propaganda purposes for the U.S. government, which was quick to exploit it. In the Arab world, the execution was mostly condemned, commentators also express disagreement because it helps the Americans.

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Drugs as instruments – for anpang?

Drugs as instruments - for anpang?


Critical remarks on the proposal to use drugs to achieve objectives

It was a summery April day in 2018, as people hunted through downtown Erlangen, looking for the next ice cream parlor or a cool spot in the shade. We inside were at the conference "Altered States" which accompanied the exhibition of the same name at the Kunstpalais.

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Gated communities in cyberspace

Internet providers offer filters for certain value communities: Does the Web disintegrate into closed communities?

It is strange to observe how the Internet gradually adapts to real life again, or at least was able to do so. The fundamental characteristic of the Web is the possibility of setting hyperlinks or, by typing in URLs, of being able to access a page directly from a "place" to jump to another. Unlike in the real world, where places are characterized by different distances defined by space and time, virtual places in cyberspace are, at least in theory, all equidistant from each other and all equally accessible from any location. Huts are next to palaces, glittering and busy shopping malls are next to dingy alleys, government buildings are next to places where criminals hang out, children’s websites are next to red-light districts, offices are next to casinos. The space is replaced by the infrastructure, which determines, for example, how and with what capacity data is transmitted.

Another characteristic of the web is that the "Places" or "Building" is a "architecture" that determines, for example, the hierarchy of pages on a website, but that, in turn, in principle every page within a website can be reached directly without having to go through a specific path, which, for example, is "Entrance" over "aisle" and "floors" to a certain "Room" leads. If the URL of a certain page is known, i.e. it has been found by a search engine or "Deep Link" is given, then one can jump with the browser immediately from any place to another like with a teleporter.

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Preliminary showdown in darjeeling

Preliminary showdown in Darjeeling

The bazaar of Darjeeling remained busy. Photo: Gilbert Kolonko

In Darjeeling, India, it is becoming clear that even stubborn supporters of independence can understand that dialogue is the better way forward

The Chowrastar Square in Darjeeling is still dormant. As if the residents could not really believe that the 104-day strike has already ended 14 days ago. Even the tourists have not noticed yet. What no one on the square suspects: At the same time, 1700 meters below, a police unit of the West Bengal Police is coming through the forest around the village of Longkkashor Busty on the Chhota Rangit River – the hiding place of Morcha leader Bimal Gurung.

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Tusk: western balkans route must be “for illegal migration closed forever” remain

Tusk: western balkans route must'fur illegale migration fur immer geschlossen' bleiben

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a rather isolated impression at the migration summit in Vienna, and not only visually. Photo: Andy Wenzel / Federal Chancellery of Austria.

Vienna summit decides to increase Frontex funds

Yesterday, eleven leaders and ministers from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Germany and Austria met in Vienna to discuss the migration crisis. In addition, the meeting, hosted by Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, was attended by EU Migration Commissioner Avramopoulos and EU Council President Tusk. Tusk explained that it was necessary to "practically and politically ensure that the Western Balkans route for illegal migration is closed forever." In February, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had strongly criticized the decision to stay on this route.

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700 Executions in 25 years!

The USA celebrates an anniversary

Congratulations are in order: Last Thursday, the 700th anniversary of the. man has been executed since the reintroduction of the death penalty 25 years ago. Killed with an injection of poison in the state of Texas was 55-year-old Dennis Dowthitt, who eleven years ago allegedly sexually abused and then murdered his son’s 16-year-old girlfriend.

The execution was not broadcast live on television despite the anniversary. Guatemala is much more consistent in this respect. Bereits Mitte vergangenen Jahres zeigten die TV-Stationen des Landes live das amtlich verordnete Sterben zweier Menschen. Die Nachrichtenagentur AP beschrieb den Vorgang damals so:

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Human dna in transgenic sheep

Dolly producers are criticized for allegedly inserting a woman’s DNA sample into sheep without her knowledge

The British organization GeneWatch criticizes Scottish biotech company PPL Therapeutics, linked to the Roslin Institute where Dolly was cloned, for inserting a woman’s DNA into more than 2,500 sheep in New Zealand created from transgenic semen without her knowledge.

As reported by The New Zealand Herald and BBC News today, the incident arose in New Zealand following rumors that DNA from a Maori had been inserted into the sheep. PPL Therapeutics was therefore forced to disclose the origin of the DNA. It is believed to have come from a Danish woman who donated it in the 1980s to help science develop a treatment for connective tie inflammation. The company hopes to obtain a protein for treatment from the milk of transgenic sheep.

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Geo- and energy policy versus human rights

In the new Cold War, Russia delivers weapons and nuclear technology to Myanmar, the EU, under the leadership of the German Presidency, softens the sanctions imposed on Uzbekistan

Whether, in view of the increasing conflicts between Russia and the USA and the EU, one can already speak of a new Cold War is a matter of opinion. But the intermittent tendency of political rapprochement has become fragile, at least since the war in Iraq. The Russian and U.S. governments are each pursuing aggressive policies to demonstrate what Russia is capable of thanks to higher oil and gas prices and the nationalization of energy companies. With the expansion of the EU and NATO, the West has moved closer to Russia, which is symbolized once again by the planned installation of the missile defense shield.

Political Theater. At Tuesday’s meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Rice and President Putin, everything remained the same. Photo: Kremlin

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