Human-animal chimeras to obtain stem cells

Two teams of scientists have applied to create hybrid embryos in the uk, but it is not yet clear whether the human fertilisation and embryology authority has jurisdiction to do so

Stem cell research lacks sufficient eggs to clone embryos. Research is restricted by the ban in many countries on the use of human embryos for therapeutic cloning and on the use of dead embryos for research purposes. As a rule, the oocytes come from women who undergo artificial insemination. In great britain this summer, a clinic was allowed to use the eggs of women for therapeutic cloning, which can reduce their costs for artificial insemination (embryos for research).

Once again, two british research teams from the north east england stem cell institute at the university of newcastle and king’s college london have applied to the human fertilisation and embryology authority to use oocytes from cows, goats or rabbits to produce human stem cells. This involves denucleating the animal oocytes and then introducing a human cell nucleus.

Terror threat: the fewer refugees, the more fear

Terror threat: the fewer refugees, the more fear

Negative attitude towards muslims. Image: pew

Ubiquitous in europe, people associate refugees with a growing terrorist threat. The fear is particularly crude in the very places where there are the fewest refugees

Not only since the attacks in paris and brussels many people are afraid that with the refugees from the middle east also terrorists could come to europe. In a survey, researchers now wanted to know exactly how rough the fear is. With a surprising result.

Julia skripal released from hospital

Julia skripal released from hospital

But she is not allowed or does not want to go public any more

Julia skripal was surprisingly released from the hospital. The 33-year-old russian woman, who with her father was the victim of a suspected attack with a nerve agent, was taken to a safe place. It should therefore continue to be completed resp. Wants to do this itself for security reasons. According to a report in the times a few days ago, it appears that consideration is being given to allowing father and daughter to be born with a new identity in the u.S. Or in another country "disappear" to let.

The hospital explained that her father would need longer to recover. He also said that julia’s treatment was not yet over, but that the entlang was a significant step forward. It remains open whether they were actually victims of an attack with the nerve agent novichok, against which there is supposed to be no antidote and which is supposed to be extremely deadly. A police officer who was at the bench where the two skripals were found was hospitalized only briefly.

Video conference: facetime now full hd on iphones

Video conference: FaceTime now Full HD on iPhones

Iphones can now perform facetime video calls in 1080p. According to apple’s youngest documentation, full hd video conferencing on the iphone 8, x, xr, xs, 11, se (2020) and iphone 12 are possible. For the alter models, the resolution on video chats over the mobile network seems to be automatically reduced, only with the iphone 12 models full hd is also mobile – in 5g networks. Users have to take care of how "allow more data to 5g" instead of using the default.

Full hd facetime apparently from ios 14.2

The change has apple after the publication of ios 14.2 certified to the product pages, like macmagazine noticed. There will be now "facetime hd (1080p) over wi-fi" listed for the iphone models mentioned, but so far only in the english catching of the documents. In the release notes of the operating system update, such an innovation has not been recorded. Whether the high resolution is supported with facetime video conferencing with up to 32 participants, remains open for the time being.

For ipads there is also with ipados 14.2 so far no reference to full hd support, just as little at macs. In macbooks, apple integrates 720p cameras to the latest models.

Martyrs of media progress

Did the terror of wide-screen television drive amsterdammers to hostage-taking and suicide??

In the middle of march, a memorable incident occurred in amsterdam. In the rembrandt tower, the tallest office building in amsterdam, an armed man had broken in early in the morning and taken 18 office workers hostage. 8 hours later he allegedly shot himself in a toilet on the first floor of the building. No harm was done to the hostages. The case would probably have attracted little attention outside amsterdam had it not been for one oddity. The problem of the man who committed the crime was, according to all information, that he had felt forced to buy a wide-screen tv.

At first, only sparse details about the man and his motives emerge from the media reports. He is said to have been 59 years old and well dressed. He is said to have worn his gray hair long. He is said to have lived in a middle-class suburb. For some time, he had been waging a personal campaign against the terror of widescreen tvs, writing letters to the editor of local newspapers and consumer protection organizations. He was bothered by the new 16:9 widescreen tvs, because many films can only be seen with black bars on the sides.

The power of afghan warlords

Afghan journalist and warlord critic sayed yaqub ibrahimi fled into exile

Sayed yaqub ibrahimi (26 years old) from the northern afghan city of mazar-e-sharif in balkh province has been reporting on the warlords’ war crimes, corruption, and human rights abuses for six years. In afghanistan, he is considered the harshest critic and "enemy" of the warlords who brought the country to ruin after the withdrawal of the soviet army in 1989 and have terrorized it ever since. Financed by drug and arms trafficking, they are not concerned with security and building the rule of law and democracy, but with expanding their power in the country.

"Warlords, like the taliban, are fundamentalists. They think alike but wear different clothes than the taliban. There are 20 warlords throughout afghanistan, some of whom even hold key positions in hamid karzai’s government," says sayed yaqub ibrahimi, a current guest of the hamburg foundation for the politically persecuted. As one of the few independent journalists, sayed yaqub ibrahimi, who has been working for the institute for war and peace reporting (iwpr), headquartered in london, since march 2004, has contacts in the multi-ethnic state with all political and ethnic groups in the country.

There is nothing real about gold

There is nothing real about gold

Gold price in us dollars per troy ounce 1968-2011 (real and nominal, july 2011). Image: sponk (talk), public domain

500 years of waiting for profit

Who in the year 1500, advised by wise prophets for "real values" gold had to wait exactly 500 years, until the year 2000, until he recovered even the loss of purchasing power. However, if one had bought 1257 gold, 1500 would have been a good exit point. Nevertheless, to this day the belief persists that gold, unlike shares and money, is a "real" value – a look at the metal that some consider currency.

Monitoring laws: eu court condemns sweden and great britain

Monitoring laws: EU Court condemns Sweden and Great Britain

The european court of justice for human rights has convicted the british and swedish legislators for their monitoring laws. In both cases, the judges recognized a violation of the fundamental rights of the european convention on human rights (echr). However, a majority of judges explained it for rights that the british receive data from friendly intelligence services.

The 2000 in 2000 in the regulation of investigatory powers act (ripa) regulated mass securing of communication data violates the fundamental right to family life and privacy (article 8 echr), decided the judges. The law, for example, allowed the wear of the data streams to the seascares and was known by the enthusiasm edward snowdens as a tempora program. Likewise, the judges condemned the acquisition of data via internet provider. In addition, ripa, which was made in 2016 by the investigatory powers act (ipa), cropped the rights of a free press guaranteed in article 10 of the convention.

Missing control measures

Although the praventive depending on the intelligence services is not fundamentally problematic by the secret services, write the judges in the judgment received after years of discussion. But missing decisive control measures. The fundamental rights required a kind "end-to-end supervision", it is in the verdict. One of the executive’s independent body must be decided in advance the donation of the data on the maaking, also seeks to examine the so-called selectors and take care of an effective follow-up.

Bmw integrates amazon’s language assistant “alexa”

Bmw integrates amazon's language assistant 'alexa'

Bmw integrates the language assistant alexa from amazon from mid-2018 to all cars of the group. Various third-party services should also be involved in the platform for example from the hospitality industry or the media industry. A smartphone is not necessary, the data exchange takes place via the fixed sim card built in the vehicle. Dieter may, senior vice president digital services and business models at bmw: "voice control has been held in the bmw group years ago. Now we expand this a digital okosystem that opens the customer whole new opportunities."

Bmw and mini drivers should be informed on the way with dialogues in natural language, for example, about the current cinema program, the most popular playlist horen or the weather at the destination can query. Of course, amazon has not forgotten the narrow integration of your own offer: via alexa can then be used by the car from orders.

Alxa is not very new at bmw. Since 2016, it is possible to query vehicle information and appointments via alexa. Since then, bmw connected users in united states, germany and great britain alexa can ask at home, among other things, such as the loading or overlay of the bmw, or on the basis of the bmw connected mobilitatsagenda the query of appointments or planned routes and departure times.

The walrus

Bang mares of television made to burst: third candidate is gotz george

Is gotz george a good actor? Is the question not already god’s laster? Do we have to make the few real stars we have look bad as well? Gotz george always seems to sweat, steam and his animal pheromones permeate any tuxedo. However, he prefers to show himself in underwear with huge tail patches. In almost every role he casts snot, tears and sweat.

When he has huffed enough, he puts on a leather jacket, privately with an embarrassing panther head on his shoulder, the proverbial rough shell for his soft heart. He looks for body contact, pats on the back, presses on the chest, with men and women. But he naturally wants to be on top. This is called a very physical actor. He just likes to snort.